Traveling Independence

Last week I wrote about traveling vigilance, this week I will delve in a little deeper. Solo traveling is very exciting, but it requires you to be very independent and step out of a lot of comfort zones.

Financial Independence:
Before going off on a solo trip is very important to have reserve of money in case of emergencies. If balancing a checkbook is not your thing, watch a few YouTube videos, they are tons over this topic. It’s okay to have financial help, but to really grasp the independence, in my opinion, it feels better to be 100% responsible for all your needs financially while traveling.

Situation Independence:
One of the first reactions I receive when I say I travel alone is this (pardon the language): What the hell? Are you crazy?…And yes, I like to think I am a tad crazy when it comes to traveling. One of the thrills, which is hard to explain to my listeners, is that it is almost a constant adrenaline rush. Solo traveling means that you are solely responsible for yourself and all your actions, decisions, and your safety. Yes, there are emergency response crews that can help you; I’m NOT digging at them and all their hard work and sacrifices. But you are in charge of yourself, you are responsible for not putting yourself into dangerous situations without a back up plan. Like I said before, it becomes a thrill, knowing that there is literally no one in that city, county, or state possibly that even knows you exist! How are people supposed to help if they don’t even know you exist? It’s a very difficult thing to explain, but it is a thrill nonetheless.

Dating Independence:

Solo traveling in a relationship: it can be a struggle. There is always that fear that infidelity might happen. I, by no means, am relationship expert, but my number one suggestion would be open communication. When I was dating someone and wanted to take a solo trip, I was very open about what I planned on doing, I didn’t hold back any of my plans. I told them I would call them at specific times, which I held true to, and I would text them throughout the day, but not too much. Each couple is different and so no one single piece of advice would work for everyone. Actually, no, one piece of advice: DON’T CHEAT!

Solo traveling while single: I will be the first to admit, I love being single while traveling, not because I go crazy, but because I don’t want to feel guilty for talking to someone over a cup of coffee. I have gone on many dates while traveling to new cities (keep in mind be vigilant and safe), it is a fun way of getting to know someone. There is also an added thrill there as well, you go into a date planning to never see them again, but you just never know if there will be that spark. If dating a complete stranger isn’t your thing, go on a date with yourself, which will be the topic for next week.


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