Tackling The Criticism

So, last week, I talked about saving money to travel, and while I promised I would talk saving money while traveling, something irked me this weekend, so I’m going to elaborate on last week’s post. I have received a lot of backlash as of late about my traveling, and I tried to let it slide but I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about how I travel. Again this will be in more of a list form, talking about the accusations I have received.

First off, my parents DO NOT pay for my travels, nor would I ever ask them to front the money for me. I am an adult and I make the decision to travel, so it is my responsibility to pay for whatever expenditures I incur. On occasion, my parents will offer to take me to the airport so I don’t have to pay 40 dollars for parking, and that is it. It is not that my parents do not support my passion, they just know that I am very independent and would not ask them to pay for anything. I have worked in a factory since I was 18, and have worked hard for the money I use to travel.

Secondly, I am not rolling in bank. I am extremely frugal in my day-to-day life. I have just enough clothes for two weeks, I don’t go shopping for leisure and buy things I don’t need. To put this in perspective a round trip flight will cost about the same as the average monthly rent. The average amount spent eating at restaurants in a month is 181 USD, that is a one night stay in a four star hotel. I do not go out to eat frequently, and when I do, I search for the cheapest options. More information here

Thirdly, yes, one day I would like to settle done, but that day is not today. This one is the one that really hits home. I am an adult, but I am still young. It is common in my family and the towns I have lived in to marry young, but that is not something I have ever wanted. I am perfectly happy dating and traveling, it’s a balancing act. When I enter a relationship, I don’t hide the fact that I will travel. If the person has a problem with my traveling, I would not hold it against him or her if s/he left. But yes, one day I plan on settling down, but I want to live my life and find out who I am first.

Fourthly, yes, I am aware of the dangers. I know that there are dangerous people in the world, but I personally believe the news is skewed to show more bad than good. There are good people out there.

And now for the why…prepare yourself, this one is personal. Growing up, I wasn’t good at anything, I am horrible at sports, I’m a mediocre singer, and I just lived my life the way I was told to live it. When I discovered that I had knack for traveling, it was like something clicked. I also have never been public about this, but I live with a disorder that one day more than likely will take my life from me. I wake up every morning wondering if today is my last day; it was something that took years for me to accept, and there are days still that I wish I didn’t have to live with it, but I don’t have a choice. One day, maybe tomorrow or ten years from now, I won’t be around anymore. Certain people that know about this, seem to forget that I may not have a tomorrow. That is why I travel the way I do, I don’t want to look down from Heaven wondering what good did I ever do with my life.


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