Finding The Glow In Passion

If you have never heard the song “The Future Is Right In Front of Me” by A great Big World, take 5 minutes and listen to it. Typically, my inspiration for writing comes from silence or by emotional instrumental music, but tonight it comes from that song.

The song reminded me of a time when I spoke to a friend a few months ago; he was passionate about flying, and could talk for hours about flying. The first time I met him, he spoke of flying and apologized for talking for more than 2 minutes about flying, intrigued I asked him to continue. It wasn’t because I wanted to know every aspect of flying, which, believe me he could have taught me, but it was because there was light that shone through when he was talking about his passion. He beamed as he explained the thrill, the mechanics, and all the different types of planes. To find that passion is rarity. While he and I have since grown apart (life happens), the memory of seeing a light in a person doesn’t fade.

Passion is a complex yet simplistic thing. It’s complex in that there can be passion for literally anything in the world, and yet it’s that simple, you can be passionate about anything you want to be. What’s my passion? Why just choose one? I’m passionate about my job; though my job is not glamorous in any way, I love waking up and knowing I’m making strides for my future. I’m passionate about my family; there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I’m passionate about traveling for so many reasons. And I’m passionate about passion.

I, too, find myself apologizing when I ramble on about traveling with my family or friends. My closer friends have realized that this is something that I feel so deeply about they just sit there and listen, knowing eventually I will stop. But I have noticed the friends that are not as close will listen for one little blip of an adventure and change the topic.

Now, where does the song come in? Well, one verse goes like this: I walked alone, I was scared of who I knew that I could be, But there was beauty in the darkest parts of my uncertainty. With passion, it’s terrifying, but there is tremendous beauty to passion. So, next time you are getting to know someone, ask them what they are passionate about, and just maybe you’ll see the glow in their eyes.


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