Experience West MI: HopCat GR

A local treasure nestled among old buildings in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids is a place famous for their Crack Fries: HopCat. HopCat offers a beautiful rustic, down to earth feel upon entering. It has a beer menu that consists of their own brews along with other local brews and domestic beers. The friendly wait staff is made up of amazing people who are more than happy to help you find a beer just for your liking.

If beer is not your forte, but food certainly is, you’re in luck! Home to famous Crack Fries, you can get yourself a plate of them for only $4.50, but believe me it worth every penny. Though no one knows the secret recipe for the Crack Fries, it has been mentioned and ranked in the top ten French fries in America by Food Network Magazine.

The menu is comical as well, the dishes are cleverly named to make you chuckle, from Vladimir Poutine to Better Living Through Tacos. HopCat will not disappoint when it comes to their meals. HopCat is not just about eating and drinking, it’s about the experience; this bar has place for anyone, from local college kids to families, even my grandmother (who doesn’t like bars) eats there!

HopCat is located at 25 Ionia Ave SW, walking distance from parking lots, parking garages, and also the Van Andel Arena.


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