Plane Etiquette

Greetings from Oahu! This week has been crazy; from flying to Hawaii to being hit by car, where do I even begin? The trip out to Hawaii was…. let’s say less than ideal, so I am going to write a post on airplane etiquette. As far as the hitting by a car aspect, I’m not feeling all that delicate and ‘soul searching’ for this blog post.

Bare feet- what to do with bare feet while on an airplane? Put them in shoes; I didn’t think this would be an issue for anyone above the age of 12, but alas I was wrong. Where to definitely not put bare feet? The answer may shock you…not on the person next to you (me). Now, I realize that removing your shoes can help with circulation, but if you absolutely have the undying desire to take your shoes off please at least put clean socks on.

Food- crackers, dried fruit, granola bars…all great ideas to bring on the plane. Fish and a giant dill pickle? Not the greatest. If the people next to you (and the flight attendants) have their noses covered and are audibly gagging, that’s a hint that perhaps you shouldn’t be bringing that type of food on a plane.

Punching- I never thought I would have to write this one, but if the person next to you is asleep, do not punch them awake to see if they want a snack. A nice finger tap on the shoulder will suffice, if they are completely passed out, let ‘em be.

Basically, it comes down to this. You are in a confined space and need to act like you are in public. For more horrifying pictures and stories, be sure to check out a funny website entitled Passenger Shaming.


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