The Runaway Girl

It was once mentioned that I travel as a form of running away, and in all fairness there was some validity to the comment. It is no secret that I do plan spontaneous trips when things are going awry, but there is more to it. It is well known that I am not the average woman of my age. I do not have a family of my own and I do not go out to the bars and clubs every Saturday. Quite frankly, I love being alone just watching Netflix or catching up on my reading…and of course writing these blogs.

When things seem to spiral out of control it is actually calming for me to look at plane tickets to various locations, and sometimes in the spur of the moment (if I find one super cheap), I’ll buy a ticket and get away for the weekend. It may sound odd, but it’s like a scavenger hunt to find cheap travel. To me, I see this as no different as going to the bar Friday and Saturday night and drinking to let loose after a long week.

Quite frankly, things have not been all that great as of late; I will not bore you with the details, but it’s been a rough month and I find myself dreaming of just taking off for the weekend. Some criticize the fact that I take off at moment’s notice, but I’m not doing it irresponsibly. Financially, if the funds aren’t there to make a trip, I don’t. Instead I’ll drive to a lake or take a hike. Family wise, my emergency contacts are given an itinerary of where I am going, and I check up every night to let them know I am safe. As far as work, I rarely work weekends, and the majority of my trips are small weekend trips, so I don’t have to take vacation days nor be docked.

So, to some, I may be running away and if they would like to believe that, I will not change their minds. But, I travel for me; I travel to learn, to explore, to become wise, and to grow as a person, but I also travel to seek clarity. Maybe I am just a runaway girl, or maybe I’m just a nonstop aspiring student of the World and its infinite teachers.


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