What if?

“What if?” Two simple words phrased into a question that can bring in a flood of emotions and inquiries. What if I had done something different? What if tomorrow never comes? What if I never get to do what I always wanted to do? It’s a nearly always a lose-lose internal argument in which we … More What if?

You Have Changed

“You have changed,” that’s what my former love said to me. A million images raced through my mind. I’ve had so many new experiences since I had last heard their voice. My memories filled with empty promises we had made to travel the world. I felt the drive to go, but you said no. We … More You Have Changed

Leave No Trace

“Leave no trace,” you can see these plastered on the signs in almost every park you visit. They are meant to preserve the beauty of the area, but what the sign doesn’t say is that the park will leave a trace in you. You can never go back to seeing it for the first time. … More Leave No Trace