You Have Changed

“You have changed,” that’s what my former love said to me. A million images raced through my mind. I’ve had so many new experiences since I had last heard their voice.

My memories filled with empty promises we had made to travel the world. I felt the drive to go, but you said no. We had different dreams. So I left to chase my dreams. I went to the places we said we’d go, but know this my former love, the vacancy of your presence was felt.

I have hiked the vast desert, climbed the tops of mountains, laid in the valleys, walked the streets of a new city alone, swam in two oceans in one week, and I’ve met hundreds of people throughout these paths. “You have changed,” my former love said again to which I replied “I certainly hope so.” I can visit the same shore again but it will never be the same shore and I will never be the same woman.


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