Strangers to Family

Nestled in the Tushar Mountain range of Utah stands a log cabin, home to Bryan and Ana Maria Burrell. When I first arrived to the house in 2009, I never imagined the memories and bounds I would make over the years. I have returned to their home every year with my family. We are greeted with Ana’s warm smile and welcoming arms, embracing us in a hug while saying “Welcome home.” At night we gather around their patio sipping beers as we catch up on all that has happened since we last saw each other. On special occasions we will get to meet their amazing grandchildren, who show the greatest love and admiration for their grandparents—a love so intense no mileage will ever separate their connection.

The Bullion Creekside Retreat is not just another house, for a day or a week, it is your home. If you are lucky enough as my family has been to return, the friendship Bryan and Ana show you is something you will never forget. Their peaceful, respectful, and loving demeanor will resonate with you as you continue your path in life. As I have mentioned, I have been blessed to spend time with them for the past eight years and am happy to call them part of my family. Bullion Creekside Retreat is a house that transforms into a home, and where strangers become family.


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