What if?

“What if?” Two simple words phrased into a question that can bring in a flood of emotions and inquiries. What if I had done something different? What if tomorrow never comes? What if I never get to do what I always wanted to do? It’s a nearly always a lose-lose internal argument in which we racked our brains trying to imagine a different life based on one decision. But it also can lead to great experiences.

In December of 2015, I was dreading New Year’s Eve, as it has always been a troubling day for me brought on my memories I felt best were left hidden. I thought to myself what if I did something crazy? What if I did something most people only dream about doing? I hopped on a plane a few days later to arguably the best city in the USA—the city the world was watching as the ball came down marking a new year. Through the whirlwind of traumatic events that had brought me to a new city to escape, I met a selfless man who helped in more ways than he will ever know. His simple act of kindness led to a friendship that transcends state borders.

Don’t let the “What ifs” in life destroy your happiness, but allow them to fill your life with new experiences, big or small. What if I call that friend I’m worried about? What if I finally go to the place I have always wanted to go? What if I help this one person? All of those questions were posed to different people in my life that night. A friend called me to calm me down after one man’s act of kindness had allowed me to believe in the good in a place I had always wanted to go.


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