Chasing The Dream

“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.” -Author Unknown I knew a man that never settled; he was always chasing the next best thing. He worked night and day chasing dreams that he knew no one would understand but him. He missed occasions, he lost friends, but … More Chasing The Dream

Coming Home

It’s midnight, my eyes are red from the lack of sleep I experienced flying all day after many delays. I’m hungry, tired, and yet full of energy because I’m coming home after another solo trip. The passengers get up around me ready to get off the cold plane. I tiredly walk down the ramp and … More Coming Home

A nickel Trip

Don’t disregard the nickels in your search for a quarter. I’ve heard this saying many times and different contexts, which is why this will be a two-part post. Is it better to have five nickels or just one quarter? As you may have previously read in Lessons Learned From Chuck, I will stop and pick … More A nickel Trip