Witches Castle- Portland, OR


As story has it the original owners of this property had nine children. The patriarch of the Balch family offered to let a man, Stump, stay on their property in 1850. Stump did not just helped on the property he fell in love with Balch’s teenaged daughter. When Stump asked for the teen’s hand in marriage the father refused. The teen, Anna, and Stump ran off to be married in 1858. Balch claimed his wife, Mary, “bewitched” him. When Balch ran into the Stump again, he shot the man in the head. He was arrested, but escape. He was a fugitive for six months before authorities found him. He was found guilty and hanged in 1859. Many believe the ghosts of Mary, Anna, Stump, and Balch still inhabit the run down home on the trail.

That’s Great, How Do I Get There?

There are several access points to this trail. If you are using a GPS, type in Audubon Society. This is probably the easiest for parking. When you reach the trail, just turn left and follow the trail for roughly half a mile. The other parking area is the Lower Macleay Parking lot at NW 30 and Upshur.


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