A nickel Trip

Don’t disregard the nickels in your search for a quarter.

I’ve heard this saying many times and different contexts, which is why this will be a two-part post. Is it better to have five nickels or just one quarter? As you may have previously read in Lessons Learned From Chuck, I will stop and pick up coins on the sidewalk regardless of their monetary value. The same could be said for traveling. Would you rather have five short trips to five different places, or a month long trip in one location. Well, that depends on who you are.

Both options have pros and cons, and this is something I debate when I travel. Do I want an extended weekend or do I want to pack it all up and leave for a month? Given budget and time constraints I usually don’t have much of a choice, but given the opportunity, I would still choose the extended weekend trips. Sometimes in the midst of stress and chaos, I just need to leave to clear my head, and that’s when I take off. So I write this as I head to the airport, an unknown destination in my head, but with the hopes of a clear mind upon my return. Here’s to the nickel trips.


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