Chasing The Dream

“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.”

-Author Unknown

I knew a man that never settled; he was always chasing the next best thing. He worked night and day chasing dreams that he knew no one would understand but him. He missed occasions, he lost friends, but he took solace in chasing his dream. This is the story of every entrepreneur, inventor, researcher, CEO, and dreamer of the world. These are the people that risked everything for the better.

When I first realized that I could achieve my dream, I was beyond terrified, but it was the thrill of the leap—taking that first step into the unknown that pushed me out of my safe environment. Some people laugh when they hear my dream, they tell me to be realistic, and some simply say “I don’t accept that.” I have lost family in the pursuit of my dream. The people I thought would support me to no end turning their backs on me was the first step to making me who I am.

I’ve been told innumerable amounts of times that I’m just a silly girl with too many dreams. To that I say: screw that, I am a girl who is terrified of never dreaming, I am fearless in my pursuit to change the lives of others. Will I fail? Absolutely, of course I will fail along the way, but I will not give up. But I have influenced the lives of men and women too terrified to travel alone, I have taught them how to stand alone. I have made the mistakes so someone else doesn’t have to. This is one of my dreams, right here, right now, I am living it. My words are being spoken, my stories are being shared, and I’m helping others realize the beauty in the world. And this is all happening because I believed in myself and a select few believed in me when they didn’t even understand my dreams. To those of you who have believed in me, I say thank you.


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