Hell, MI


Not many people can see they’ve been to Hell and back, but if you venture to the quaint little community of Hell, you too can go to Hell and back. Hell is located fifty minutes south of Lansing, Michigan. Hell is well aware of the many jokes that can be derived from its name, and they don’t shy away from it. When visiting the website, you will be offered many hysterical options such getting married in Hell “After all, a marriage that starts in Hell has nowhere to go but up!”

This little town is the perfect day trip for many laughs and a truly unique opportunity to make as many damnation jokes as you can.

What to do:

While in Hell you can grab a beer in the Hell Hole bar, get married in the small chapel, profess your undying love with a lock on the love-lock-bridge, hike, kayak, or camp in the surrounding areas.

Things to note:

This town is incredibly small, if you drive to fast on the road, you will have to turn around. There is very little cell phone coverage down in Hell, so enjoy being of the grid for a while. And despite the saying, Hell does freeze over, so be cautious during the winter months.

Hell’s Website


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