Tourist in life

Throughout the years of your life you will, inevitably, meet hundreds of people. Some of them you will hold onto as long as possible, they will be your supports, your stability, and your refuge. Others will be like holding on to a match. They will provide you warmth and comfort in the dark, but eventually will burn you when you hold on too long. These people are the tourist.

You have seen them crowding the streets or the ever so popular hiking trails, trampled on for decades because they were told it’s a “must see.” They take the easy routes, see what they only want to see, mark it off on their tour pamphlet, and take off. Similarly, the people who tour your life only want to see the ‘pretty’ things you have to offer. The tourist will swoop in, take a stroll in your life, and leave when it becomes inconvenient or uninteresting to stay.



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