Experiencing Education

I have been a part time college student for nearly seven years. When acquaintances greet me, it is almost certainly accompanied by “Did you graduate college yet?” I could simply write for days that education should not be rushed, but that is a topic for another day. After seven years, I wonder if I what I have worked so hard for are simply a consolation prize. Congratulations, you’ve spent 60,000 dollars on education and now go start your life in debt for the next 20 years doing a job you may grow to hate. Why, as a society, is college the only way to be a success? Having a piece of paper does not make you smart, it does not mean you will be capable in the workforce, nor does it mean you are smarter than someone who did not go to college. Concepts, frameworks, definitions, you can learn that in any college classroom…memorize just well enough to get a passing grade, then forget everything one week later. However, go out into the world, breakdown those metaphorical walls of education, and you will not just be memorized, you will truly experience education. It does not need to be some grandeur destination, but simply go out and learn for yourself. Ask and answer the questions you have always wondered. Everyone you meet knows something you do not, do not be afraid to learn from others and their stories.

**This post is in no way trying to disvalue education in its entirety, I am a strong supported of quality schools and quality education available for everyone regardless of location or income. I stand with the teachers, the educators to the future leaders of tomorrow. **


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