Why Solo Travel?

Despite being a solo traveler for two years, I’m still asked quite frequently why I would ever want to travel alone. Some would get annoyed by being asked the same question over and over again, but I love it! I love explaining my reasoning. Below are some questions I received and answers. Don’t you get … More Why Solo Travel?

The Day I Left

“You won’t take any more solo trips now that you’ve got me.” That is what a man said to me once, as if the solo trips were a punishment and he was my refuge. He believed he was right, he believed that I was some fragile woman who was lesser than he was. Because I … More The Day I Left

Holland Bowl Mill

Holland Bowl Mill In a world of mass production it is hard to imagine a unique gift that will last a life time. Located just ten minutes from Downtown Holland is a family-owned company that offers a unique experience and gift. The Holland Bowl Mill is one of three hand crafted bowl mills still in … More Holland Bowl Mill

deBoer Bakkerij

One of the most iconic restaurants and bakeries of Holland is the deBoer Bakkerij and Restaurant. This family-owned restaurant specializes in artisan breads, delectable sweets, and warm welcoming smiles. Following handed down culinary craftsmanship from their Nederland roots, deBoer Bakkerij is simply a can’t miss dining opportunity. deBoer Bakery